Scaling Up Your Consulting Business

Scaling equals making more money with less effort. You have hit the billable hour wall. You have hit the personal bandwidth wall. You’ve hit the profitability wall. You just can’t seem to find a way to make more money without mentally going crazy. So you need a picture of growing your consulting business while respecting your personal bandwidth. It’s time for you to scale up.

Selling to CEOs: Powerful Conversations with C-Suite Executives

The typical conversation outline pits you against the CEO. It’s adversarial. Nobody likes it. This article describes a more peaceful way of having a profitable conversation.

How to Package Consulting Services: Create an Offer that Will Sell

How to package a great consulting service. Selling isn’t just what you say. The offer itself needs to be easy to understand and easy to buy. This article gives you a simple structure

What Do CEOs Care About? Avoid a Common, Pitch-Killing Error when Selling Your Services

Learn how to capture your CEOs attention immediately. What do CEOs care about? This article breaks down what to expect in your upcoming conversation

How to Find Freelance Consulting Work

You want find freelance consulting work You need to know where to go and what to say. This video covers the opportunity of small business consulting and what you should do in order to maximize it.

Consulting Meeting Agenda: 4 Step Template for More Conversions

Use this 4-step template to improve your consulting meeting agenda. Increase your chances of converting more retainer arrangements.

Inbound Sales Call Script: Full Breakdown (See Mistakes and Corrections)

Sometimes the reason we fail to convert inbound sales calls with our script because we’re paying more attention to our script than we are to the potential client. This article breaks down the mistakes and corrections

How to Deal With Difficult Consulting Clients

Some clients are “difficult” where others are simply “misunderstood”. This article provides a process to tell the difference and create a better situation

Your Face-to-Face Sales Script: Local Marketing Agency

You are face-to-face with the owner of a local business. What do you say? How do you distinguish yourself? How do you know what solution this business needs? This article gives you the answers.

Approaching Your First Client as a Local Marketing Agency

You’ve chosen your niche and a basic set of services. All you need now is a client! This article explains how to approach your first client