Hi, my name is Alzay Calhoun and I appreciate you for wanting to learn Alzay-circle-transparentmore about me and the work we do here.

It is all based around a single idea:

Permanently elevate the training standard for how to build a consulting practice. We transform intelligent, technically oriented, stalled leaders of consulting firms into insightful, inspired, business architects. 

It happened to me...I went to undergrad for "business". I went to graduate school for "business"...but once I started running a business I was introduced to a brand new set of unexpected challenges. Bottom line: being smart is not enough. You need real systems - especially around your client work.

Ten years later, I see it everyday...The world is filled with very, very smart people who are running very, very frustrated businesses. They struggle to consistently attract the best prospects. They are at a loss for how to convert those prospects to paying clients. Most importantly, they are too bogged down with daily work to give attention to the long-term strategic challenges of their business.

How can I help?

Maybe you want to hire me, bring me in as your keynote speaker, interview me for your media outlet or simply ask a question about something you've read here on the site.

No matter big or small your request, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to reach out.



After answering thousands of emails over the past 10 years, I've made a conscious choice to drastically reduce the time I spend in my email.

Almost everything I know about building audiences, attracting clients, and scaling productized services...I learned by doing and organized into my video courses and client work.

If you're low on time (like me), here's quick answers to the most common questions I receive.



Clients know they can reach me inside of our members area - located here



I have done in-person and virtual speaking engagements at a number of companies, conferences, and private events covering a variety of topics including social media, marketing, and personal development

For speaking inquiries, please contact alzay [at] covetedconsultant [dot] com


Thank you again!