How an Experienced Web Designer Conquered Her Fear of Selling

We’re speaking today with Courtney Lee. Her company is called “Crown and Pixel,” and she does web design and content writing for attorneys. Courtney completed the program, and is here to share her highlights and most important takeaways.

Courtney had impressive knowledge of her business. What held her back was a personal trait many of us share: she is an introvert. While introverts are not necessarily shy people, they are deep thinkers, and tend to avoid pushing themselves into other people’s spaces. Therefore, a career that forced Courtney to focus on traditional sales practices was far outside her comfort zone.

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Courtney learned developing a productized service and mastering straightforward communication eliminates the traditional sales pitch. There was no need to schmooze, charm, or “spin” the material. She needed only to discover the prospect’s problem (and introverts are very good listeners!) and then determine if her productized service could be their solution. Step by step, Courtney gained the confidence she needed to talk about her own service’s value.

"I am not trying to take their money"

Courtney’s number one takeaway from the program:, for changes to happen, she had to take action. She spent a long time learning about her business from every angle, thinking and reevaluating, going back and finding more to learn. But this, she discovered, was her own way of “stalling” the process, a way to hide from taking the action that would move her consulting business forward. The program helped her through personal encouragement and a clear focus on moving through the milestones one step at a time. The format compelled her to complete the process, whereas before, her anxiety level about sales kept her stuck in place.

Courtney’s biggest fear was selling, until she understood that “sales” need not be forced or uncomfortable. She has worked hard and pushed through that fear with full faith and understanding that she is actually helping people. She is offering her clients a real and valuable solution to a clear and urgent problem. She is not trying to pull anything over on them, and not just trying to get their money. 

She wants only for her prospects to understand what she is offering, and how it will help them solve a problem. For Courtney, complete familiarity and honesty about her product is the only way that she knows how to sell, and the only way she is comfortable selling. 

"The Entire Program has Exceed My Expectations"

Courtney was quite serious about entering the program. She knew that without outside help, she would continue to steer herself away from momentum. Her favorite part of the program was the personal attention that she got from her coach, combined with the fact that the course was self-paced. To her, it was the best of both worlds. She could get to the videos and the materials when she had time, yet she also knew that if she reached out for help, she would receive it. Having accessible coaching was truly valuable to her.

"Make it work when things don’t work perfectly."

Courtney’s only problem with the program was one of logistics: her busy schedule as a mom who works from home sometimes didn’t coincide perfectly with the group coaching schedule. However, taking a note from the lessons she was learning, Courtney decided to use her tight schedule as a way to practice flexibility. It was part of knowing how to “make it work when things don’t work perfectly.” 

Are You Ready to Move Forward?

Courtney’s advice to those considering enrollment in the program is this: Ask yourself if you’re ready to put one foot in front of the other, to really take action. Today could be the day that this “thing” you’ve been imagining - your own business, your own consultation specialty - will stop being an idea and become a reality. You must be ready to jump in and move forward!

What Will Your Perfect Client Ask of You?

Courtney believes  she can continue to build her own familiarity and comfort level with discussing her service with prospective clients. This is a matter of professional practice:  each time she does so, the service becomes clearer and her message resonates better. 

But does this mean that Courtney, the “expert,” doesn’t know her service? Not at all. There is simply a difference between knowing her productized service inside and out, and knowing how to present it to a prospective client without creating confusion or boredom. She wants to think ahead to what her perfect clients will ask, and be 110 percent confident in answering them.

Have Confidence In Your Solution

Courtney rose to the challenge to keep walking forward in her plans, or as she says, “to put one foot in front of the other”. Some parts of the program challenged her to implement strategies that were new to her. She took the challenge and tried them anyway. As a result she found new clarity and confidence for what is possible in her business. 

Courtney says, “Clients don’t want to know the technical details - they trust the expert to know the technical details. They want to know that their problem will be solved.” Her new outlook removes any need to “sell”. The discussion focuses on whether or not she can solve the problem the prospective client is facing. Courtney owns the role of expert in every conversation and help the prospective client make the most profitable decision - whether a sale is made or not.

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