Being Different Matters

What an amazing story. This is someone who not only understands, but loves his business. To you, it is just about soda. To him, it is a lifestyle!

And because he is so passionate, he has created instant differentiation in his marketplace. No one else carries the brands he carries. His business represents niche sodas with unique flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Did you hear him turn down Pepsi? Exactly. Why should he carry big brands that can be purchased cheaper somewhere else? He controls his shelf space and he decides to give his customers choice.

Can you imagine how his customers feel about him? What a pleasure to be able to FIND those special sodas and to INTERACT with someone so excited about what they sell…He is truly a market of “one”.

He just loves good soda. And his love for good soda has created a wonderful business. This is what it means to be different than your competitors.

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