Your Business Leadership

How do you define your business leadership?

What are YOU going to do with your resources, skills, and experience? We hope that by attending an MBA program we will get a deeper understanding of business…and that is exactly what we get! The case studies, guest speakers, experienced professors, and insightful classmates make for an excellent educational experience. But there is definitely something missing. What are YOU going to do with all of those resources? How do YOU define your business leadership?

How will your skills create a unique legacy? When I say business leadership I’m not talking about an elevated title, large salary, and a cross functional team. I’m talking about having impact. I’m talking about making a difference. I’m talking about leaving a legacy. I’m talking about the kind of work you enjoy because you KNOW you are helping people. You can SEE the positive changes that are happening in the world around you.

What is your positive impact on people and organizations? And leadership does not require a million dollar budget or senior executive title. Business leadership is about having a positive impact on people and organizations. If you take the initiative to organize the cookout for the company picnic…that is leadership. If you create a customized seminar for the new trainees of your firm…that is leadership. If you managed the roll-out of a new, albeit small, product at your company..that is leadership.

Are you choosing your own path? The key is that YOU choose responsibilities that YOU find valuable and then EXECUTE them to the best of your ability. If the task matters to you, then it probably matters to someone else as well! Do not be afraid to put your skills on display. Do not be afraid to let people know what you are interested in. Your definition of business leadership is made clear by the positive impact you make on people and organizations.

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