Alzay Calhoun is a business builder and marketing strategist. He educates businesses and organizations on the intelligent internet strategies that can revolutionize their marketing and sales results. His speaking style is personal, down to earth, entertaining, and insightful. Alzay customizes every presentation for the current audience and he often makes adjustments during the presentation to ensure maximum comprehension.

Alzay covers these topics all the way from “high-brow strategy” to the “nitty gritty” detail, depending on audience and need. He has presented to business professionals, school administrators, major corporations, students, entrepreneurs, and many other groups.

Email Alzay for his speaking fee and other information ( ProductLaunchMarketing at gmail dot com).

Speaking Topics

Alzay always tailors his messages toward his audience. Still, here are a couple of suggestions to start your thinking. Whatever you want, we can talk about it.

  • How to Guarantee the $uccess of a New Product Launch – Too many businesses create new products, release them, and “hope” they sell. Learn the strategy behind a real product launch. Alzay will teach strategies to engage your customers, answer sales objections, and create a compelling product…all before you put it on sale. How confident are you in your current product launch?
  • Why Advertising is a Bad Word – Television commercials, newspaper ads, and roadside billboards (aka advertising) are some of the most expensive and inefficient marketing activities a business can do. While companies go out of their way to attract new customers, their previous customers wither and die. We will talk about methods to revive old customer lists and create new offerings for them. How much are you spending to attract new customers?
  • The Single, Magic Word that Doubles Your Business…“Free”– Alzay Calhoun uses the web differently than most people. He uses his website primarily for free giveaways. As a matter of fact, his free giveaways are of greater value than most paid products. Why is that? Why does it work? Free creates trust in a world where everyone wants to get paid immediately. We will talk about the entire strategy involved with free giveaways and how to use it to create more paying customers. How can you apply the FREE concept to double your business?
  • How to Increase the Price of Your Product…Tomorrow – You…yes you, are under-charging for your product. Contrary to popular belief, customers will not leave, revolt, or protest if you raise your prices. As a matter of fact, if you do it the right way they will love you for it. This presentation is about the many ways you can add (and even subtract) items from your current product to create more revenue. How much money are you leaving on the table?

  • How to Make Your Customers Love You – Do you force your customers to do business with you or do customer’s come to you because they love you? Many businesses are misusing their marketing tactics and abusing their customers. We will talk about the concept of “value-based selling” and how it strengthens the relationship between your business and it’s customers.

  • Whatever You Can Dream Up – Sounds crazy, but there are many ways to apply and leverage the strategies of Product Launch Marketing. As always, we want to be sure that any offering is customized to meet your organization’s needs. If you’ve read something that is even of minor interest, contact me, and we can make it work for you.

Remember, these are easy starter suggestions. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit. For more information send email to: info at Coveted Consultant dot com or call 678.568.1133.

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