How to Sell YouTube Marketing Services

If you sell YouTube marketing services, I’m going to show you in this video how you can redesign your services and charge 10 times more.

Youtube is more than viral videos

Hey, it’s Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant. In this video, I want to talk about YouTube marketing services and how you can better design them so you can charge more and create happier clients. Here’s the thing about YouTube. Everybody loves the viral video and everybody thinks they have to have a viral video to have success on YouTube. You know better. But, the question is that how do you have the right kind of conversation so you can talk clients down from the viral video and into something more practical and pragmatic for their business?

What you’ve got to do and what you’ve seen me talk about before is you have to better design your services where they have a very clear starting point and a very clear ending point. Now, what’s really important to you is that you define this process, not the client, so you got to be clear on what your client should have in the beginning so you can take them where they want to go. Now, the end may actually be a viral video. That may actually be what makes sense in their business if they’re in that kind of market and they have those kinds of skills.

Possibility: Creating a Client’s First Video

But sometimes, the end result here is just the first video like they just need one quality video up on their channel and then you can think about doing fancier things after that. Sometimes it’s even more advanced and you’re thinking about optimization. Optimization how about that?

The point here is that you got to design a service that takes them to the end goal where they want to be, and you need to make sure that you can deliver this so don’t promise it if you can’t deliver. Focus on what you know you could promise on. If you know there’s a viral video, well, that video, at this point, has got to be posted. That’s the last thing that has to happen. Working backwards, the video has got to be created. Then working backwards, you have to choose a topic. Right now, your client has to be at a certain place so they can choose the right topic. You can help them create the video. You can post it for them and so it can, in fact, go viral. Now, if you want to use different steps, you can but show them the roadmap to get to viral.


What if it’s the first video? Well, the first video still has to be posted on some level. It’s still got to be created. It’s still got to have a topic, but the end result is just to get the video up. It may not go viral but for their business, they just need to know how to get it up and your service will help get them to that first video.

Possibility: Youtube Channel Optimization

If you specialize in optimization, what might that look like? Well, first, we have to know which topics or which categories we’re actually optimizing for. You can’t optimize for everything at one time. You can’t keep track of the control and the change so you got to figure out which things you actually want optimized for. Are we creating new content or not? Is this a matter of creating new things to measure or is this a matter of looking at the old things to measure against? You got to figure that out. Then you got to figure out on the front end what metrics even matter to them. If you know what metrics matter to them, then you know if you should create new content or not, and you’ve selected which of those things you should be measuring against, and now you can measure conversion change or whatever the appropriate thing is.

Here’s the most important idea of this whole video is you have to design your services to read in this way. You also have to make sure that you and your team have methodology for helping your client get prepared. You got a methodology for helping your client establish this first step. You got to help them establish the second step. Help them establish the third step and then be with them at the end so you can measure those final results. You need methodology for each one of these steps.

It’s not automatic. It’s not instant. The client doesn’t just know what to do. That’s why they hired you. It’s not just a matter of laying out on a webpage somewhere in a way that makes it seem so elegant. You got to make sure behind the scenes you can get them here. Help them choose a topic. If it’s about going viral, they can choose a topic quickly because you’ll have a method to help them do that. They can create viral content quickly because you have a method to help them do that. They can post that content quickly because you have a method to help them do that and then they can quickly assess if this video is a viral video or not. If you don’t have those things internally, then you can’t make and keep these promises. Sell that as services so you can charge more. I’ll talk to you in the next video.

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