How to Sell Twitter Marketing Services

Video Transcript:

You've got expertise in Twitter marketing, so how do you package and sell premium services that clients actually want to buy? Well, let's get that done in this video.

Hey, it's Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant and in this video I'm talking about Twitter marketing services, how you can better package and sell them so that they resonate more with clients, and you can charge more for them. Let's get to work, shall we?

You've seen me draw a map like this before. You've got to be clear about what your client ... where they begin in the process, where they actually want to be, and you've got to develop a flight path that gets them to their preferred end goal.

Possibility: auto-posting or ghost writing services

One of the common services sold on the Twitter platform is auto-posting. You would post on your clients behalf. Now, if I'm a client I don't want just a random bot posting for me. What I want is messages that are on target. I want them to resonate with my audience and I'd prefer to get some engagement in the process.

You've got to develop some service that gets me to that end goal. What might that look like? Let's think about that backwards if we will, right, before you can post anything you've got to schedule. We know what goes where but before you can schedule anything you've got to be clear on content. Are we creating or are we curating? Either can work it's just a matter of which direction you want to take.

Before you do either of these you've got to figure out voice and tone. We've got to make sure that you understand your clients voice and tone, what they want to say, how they want to say it, and you've got to process for how they can create or curate, whatever way you do business. Then you can schedule the posts so the posts go out when they're supposed to.

Possibility: lead generation services

Let's look at another example. Let's talk about good old fashioned lead gen. Let's say you know how you know how to generate leads through the Twitter platform. You've still got to create some level of messaging. Let's say you start here, you've still got to figure out what we're selling. What core service is being sold here so that you know what messages to put around that service. You've still got to create a list of prospects so we know who we're trying to message to whether more directly or more broadly with more broader content.

After you've got your list of prospects, then you've got to actually create the content. Then you're back to curate or create. This is not the only way to outline these services but here's the point is that if this is what your client wants at the end your service has to walk them right up to that end goal. It's more than just having these bullet points on a web page somewhere. You've got to make sure that internally you can execute on this elegant process.

If we're talking about lead generation you need some method of quickly understanding which service is the best service that your client should be selling. You've got to have some way of quickly helping your client understand where their best prospects are on Twitter. You've got to have some quick way, some efficient way, of having them quickly figure out which content they should be creating and to get that into the Twitter platform.

Same thing up here with automatic posting, you've got to have your own method for allowing a client to quickly understand their own voice and tone because they won't know their own voice and tone. You've got to help them figure that out, right, so you've got a method for that. Whether you're creating or curating, you've got to have an internal method of quickly establishing new content or curation and you've got to have some way of scheduling those messages efficiently.

Your Twitter marketing services should lead to an objective result for your client

This is more than just, again, putting bullets on a web page. You've got to make sure that you can efficiently execute on the elegant programming. The clearer you are about how well you can get this done the more excited you'll be to sell it and that excitement will resonate with the client you want to resonate with.


  1. Deepak Kulkarni on December 9, 2021 at 7:36 pm

    Alzay: You are brilliant. You da man!

    • Coveted Consultant on December 10, 2021 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you Deepak. I’m honored at the compliment!

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