Qualities of Consulting Leadership: What You Should Do Everyday



Today we are going to talk about the importance of a Big Picture and whose responsibility it is to create it. In short summary, the Big Picture is incredibly important and you are the only person who can spell it out for your business.

What I believe. I believe that most technical experts have either lost or never had a Big Picture in the first place. You know you are smart and offer valued services. People pay you privately for your services and you get to work. The catch is: once you start working you leave your Big Picture thinking behind because you are “too busy”.

In this mistake you have missed a very important opportunity. It’s the Big Picture that gives your business its direction. That direction extends to your employees, vendors, partners and clients. It provides a clear idea of where the company is headed and where each audience fits in that picture. Without a clear communication of your Big Picture, everyone is simply guessing. Your clients are guessing, your vendors are guessing, your employees are guessing and at some point those guesses tear at the productivity of your business. It’s the Big Picture that pulls everyone back center and only you can create it.

Why I believe it. Can you succinctly tell me the impact your company will have in the marketplace? Most of my clients have long-winded, unclear responses to this question. You can only answer this well when you have a clear Big Picture. When you don’t have one it is very difficult to communicate and this is probably part of the frustration you are feeling right now.

A troublesome assumption many make is assuming that you don’t need a Big Picture because you already have clients. You are currently in business, you have a few clients and things feel pretty good. As long as money is flowing, then your business is healthy… or is it? Be careful, because if anything specific changes in your business, if you lose an employee, lose a client, or your competition changes you won’t have a plan to respond.

Any bump in the road that changes how money flows to your organization and this can drastically decrease the quality of your business. Again, the Big Picture tells everyone who may come in contact with your business exactly what’s going on, where you intend to be, and where you are right now. No one else can provide this direction but you. Until you’ve done this work, there will always be miscommunications in your business.

Relevance to you. As a company, we want to make sure that you no longer roll your eyes when you hear terms like mission, vision and strategic plan. I realize on some level you disregard them because they feel fanciful… like a big waste of your time. Our commitment is to work alongside you to help create strategies that will give real and practical direction for your company, not just soft ideas that sound good on paper.

Many times consultants make the mistake of taking their short term success as a sure indicator for a bright future. In the process they lose track of the Big Picture that landed them those short term achievements. In order for your business to succeed long term, you must take the time necessary to formulate the Big Picture and instill it into every aspect of your business.

Question for you: Why is your work so important? Post below.


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