Marketing for Professional Services: Get a New Client Today


Today we are going to talk about marketing for professional services. I am also going to put you on a path to getting your very next client right now. Let’s get started.


Who are you? I am assuming you are a consulting company and you focus on one of the following things: accounting and financial services, management consulting services, technology services, marketing and communications or legal services.


What do you want? You want your expertise valued, your time leveraged and most certainly, more clients.


What should you avoid? You should avoid changing your business card, revising your website, managing your social media accounts, or reading any more industry publications. That is not where your problem is.


What else should you avoid? You should also avoid stressing over it, hoping it will fix itself, getting opinions from others, learning any new skills or pushing it to an employee.


What should you do RIGHT now? What would a coveted consultant do and what should you be doing at this very moment? First of all you should stop and think about how you got your last client. Write it down and then do the process again.


Quite often the first place consultants look for answers is outside of themselves and their organization, but it pays off to first clear your head and look for answers within.


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