Alzay Calhoun
Founder, Coveted Consultant

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I create customized LinkedIn marketing plans for solo b2b consultants and their teams

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Dear Consultant,

My name is Alzay Calhoun.

You are here at this website because you KNOW the growth of your business and the quality of your LinkedIn presence are directly related.

This is not about random networking; it's about precision and strategy. This is what I mean.

  1. You Know Your Client Is On LinkedIn: It's where professionals gather. If you're not there or not active, you're missing out.
  2. Consistency Of Your Lead Generation Depends On LinkedIn: Recognize that clients will "check you out" before making any business move. Your LinkedIn profile isn't just a resume; it's a representation of your value proposition.
  3. It's About the Quality of Connections, Not Quantity: The quality of your LinkedIn connections matter - they must resonate with your business ethos - and genuinely lead to new partnerships or sales.
  4. ...Or Keep Wasting Your Time On Marketing "Hack Of The Day": Every day you avoid these realities you limit the growth of your own business. As you jump from one shiny marketing gimmick to the scatter your energy and muddle your brand image.


The methods on this website are NOT for you if...

a) You're hoping to simply amass thousands of random connections without any sense of strategy.

b) You treat LinkedIn as just another social media tool.

c) You're seeking overnight results without genuine relationship-building.

d) You’re not prepared to offer value first before seeking any in return.

e) You're averse to understanding and focusing on a select group of high-value contacts.

Now, if any of the above resonates with your current mindset, it's alright. But this platform might not be tailored to your needs. Conversely, if you're ready to dive deep into strategic networking and genuinely understand how to harness the potential of LinkedIn, keep reading.


Many professionals dive headfirst into LinkedIn without clarity. They send connection requests, post occasionally, but don’t harness its full power. It's like being given a Formula 1 car and only driving it to the grocery store.


LinkedIn changed the way I networked. I used to think it was about "swirling drinks" after hours and having "safe" conversations in order to "make friends". I'm glad I was wrong.


A successful LinkedIn strategy doesn't require bombarding contacts with pitches. It means cultivating relationships, offering insights, and positioning yourself as a valuable asset. This isn't a hack; it's an investment.

To the professionals tired of aimless networking, to those craving genuine, high-value B2B interactions, and to those ready to take LinkedIn by the reins – Welcome to my website.

Alzay Calhoun
Founder, Coveted Consultant

What Others Say