Digital Agency Owner Eliminates Proposal Process

Let’s look at the process at work, when everything came together for our client Robert Greene when he took the time to listen for the real, underlying challenge. 

Robert was accustomed to the hindrances of the old-school method of sales, involving a multi-step process that had to be delivered in person, forcing the salesman to put on a “show,” to impress potential buyers, over one or more meetings, and then resulted in days or even weeks of waiting to learn if all his work had paid off.  

He was able to skip it all, using his productized service to sell a solution to a problem over the phone - because he listened to his prospect and heard the distress in her story. 

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Robert’s prospect was experiencing a considerable problem - both on a business and personal level - because her online traffic was being hijacked by another user.  The phone calls that should have gone to her business were going to a competitor.

Using the process from the program, Robert was able to 

  1. a) notice that the real issue wasn’t just about online traffic;
  2. b) have the patience to listen to deeper issue; and
  3. c) propose a solution to solve for the greatest need of the moment.

Robert’s prospect felt understood, and her deepest issue, the betrayal of having her business stolen, was addressed. Robert’s prospect became his client in that moment.  She was moved to tears, she was so relieved by his understanding and his proposed solution.  That’s a powerful connection to make.

Robert closed the deal over the phone.  Robert says, “We got paid so quick. I'm serious. I hit the submit button. Now, normally we would have sent the quote with the agreement, they would have to find a payment button but I sent it and then I turned to do something else and then my phone and stuff just started going off with all this, ‘You've been paid.’ And I'm like, ‘What?’ … that's never been so quick. So yeah, we're happy about that.”

This kind of connection is made by taking the time to listen.  You play the game differently, and prospects respond differently.  You are no longer merely a seller and a buyer.  The prospect is the patient, and you are the doctor who can relieve their pain.

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