Consulting Business Start Up: You Have Been Terribly Trained

Today we are going to talk about a very exciting topic. It’s exciting for me because this is one of the most abrasive beliefs we have as a company. It’s not exciting to me because it’s abrasive. It’s exciting to me because it is divisive. If you believe in this statement the way we do, we’re an excellent company to work with. If you do not believe in this statement the way we do, then we’re not a great fit for you and you should get help elsewhere. I enjoy the fact that we can be clear as we communicate, so you can make an informed choice.

What I believe. I believe, as an expert trying to build a consulting business, the training available to you is sub-par and misleading. Secondly, the technical knowledge you fall back on is insufficient to make your business sustainable.

Why I believe it. In the training you have received to date, there has been an over-focus on the business plan. There is too much discussion about how long it has to be, what elements belong inside, how much detail is needed, et cetera. Truthfully the business plan, as you have been taught, is an antiquated document. It was a document used to explain to a bank how much money was needed to fund your business. Except in today’s time, there are more funding options available and less money is needed.

Also, technical expertise is not a substitute for business building knowledge. The truth is, you were never taught how to build a business in the first place. Still, you assume that because you have a high level of intelligence, you can figure out how to run a business. This assumption is simply not true. You have to learn not only how to run a business, but you also have to learn how to build a business. This is a completely different expertise that isn’t in your certifications or any MBA program.

Lastly, the majority of business building training is extremely short term in nature. There are so many get rich quick, lightning in a bottle, silver bullet concepts that promise success. In actuality each are traps that distract you from leading your business. The experts I speak to find the available options confusing and difficult to customize to their individual situation.

Relevance to you. The options that exist today are terrible in helping you create your picture for your business. As a company, we commit to helping you adopt the attitude of business leader. Our training and advice helps you understand different business models so you can choose which model makes the most sense for your business. Once you find a method that works for you, your expertise goes inside of a business model.

We acknowledge that some of the concepts we introduce to you will feel foreign and perhaps counter to your education to this point. We understand that you’re going to want to ask some questions. You’re going to want to challenge our assumptions. You may even push back on some of our ideas… and that is OK. We understand that’s part of what is necessary for you to fully understand the business building process. We invite that kind of conversation.

Being an expert in your designated field provides you with great insight and know-how in that particular field, but it does not provide you with the knowledge to build a business in that field. In order to build a successful business you must understand the models of building blocks of building a successful business.

What training gaps did your “certification” process have?

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