What $100K Consultants Do Differently

What’s the difference between a freelancer and an agency?

There is a difference between the business in your mind and the business in your hands.

There is a difference in the way you go about obtaining clients, working on projects, and retaining clients.

Either way can be profitable, but one way is definitely more peaceful

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Brand Strategy: Stand Out or Face the Kiss of Death [Template]

A Tale of the Client “Kiss of Death” You’ve had your eye on this client for years… You’ve been talking with them for months… They’ve been “reviewing your proposal” for weeks… You finally come in to present and it takes hours… The prospect is about to make their final decision in a matter of minutes……

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Thought Leadership For Consultants: 3 Examples From American Presidents

Warning: You will not find any rehearsed platitudes or high minded theories here. This is a practical, step-by-step approach to build thought leadership for consultants. Discover the uniqueness no other competitor in your marketplace can emulate. It is a challenge to stop, think, and remember where your company is excellent. If that is scary or…

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How To Combine Storytelling and Content Marketing to Attract Clients

This guide is for consultants, advisors, and experts who believe in the value of business storytelling and the influence it has in attracting (and retaining) high value clients. The inspiration came from a survey where you told me you wanted to know how to “find your voice” and “build your brand authority” to improve your…

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Coveted Consultant Survey Results – September 2014

Click Here to Download the PDF of This Post Given your survey results, I’ve got some new material coming soon. In the meantime, I’ve pulled together some great content to help shape your thoughts.    Resources to Develop Your Company’s Positioning This Is The Secret Ingredient of Content Marketing via Convince and Covert and Jay Baer- If you…

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Coveted Consultant: Winning Formula Part 1

Topics Covered: What is the difference between a conventional consultant vs a Coveted Consultant? What is the #1 “switch” you have to make in order to create a best-in-class business? What does a Coveted Company do that a conventional company does not? How important is it that you be the face of your company? How…

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Three Characteristics of Effective Client Leadership

What are the crucial characteristics of effective leadership? Your competitors and predecessors provide excellent examples to study and learn from, but just because you are in business does NOT mean you automatically have an answer to this question. What you will soon see, if you haven’t already, is that you have to answer this question…

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