Case Studies

3 Real Life Examples of High-Level Experts
Who Got Their Strategy Right

If your program, product, or service isn’t compelling it doesn’t matter what marketing tactics you use.
Here are 3 stories of real people who took the time, nailed their message, and moved the marketplace.

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[testimonial name=”Abby Rohrer” company=”Facilitated Recovery, LLC”  image=””]

“With Alzay’s help I was able to increase my program fees and sell-out two coaching programs, while avoid energy-draining conversations with prospects that don’t fit. Alzay had the courage to say the things I had to hear if my business was going to improve. He provided perspective and advice I couldn’t get anywhere else.  I respect and appreciate him for that. Get my case study below.”


[testimonials style=”6″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””][testimonial name=”Ledon Lenzly” company=”Empowering Metrics LLC” href=”” image=””]

“Before speaking with Alzay I was “winging it”. As a result, only a few people really got what I was talking about and understood my value. Most were overwhelmed with too much information. After speaking with Alzay I came away with a new clear service offering, and an 8-step process that clearly explains my value to potential clients. Get my case study below. ”


[testimonial name=”Maurice Cooper” company=”Vice President, Global Holiday Inn Brand Family at InterContinental Hotels Group ” href=”” image=””]

“Working with Alzay allowed me to secure nationwide partnerships for a unprecedented program no one had ever seen or heard of before. Our message had to be clear AND strong if we were going to compel partners to act. We got it done! Get my case study below. ”

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