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Hi, I'm Alzay Calhoun, and these are my best articles for helping you become a truly coveted consultant.

How to Set Clear Expectations for Your Team, Partners, Vendors, and Clients

How do you make sure that your requirements are always met? This post covers how to set clear expectations. Read it now

Small Business Hiring: How to Hire People You Don’t Know Personally

You're only going to get so far hiring friends, family, and people in your intimate network. At some point you're going to have to hire people that you don't know personally, and that can be a bit scary, but it doesn't have to be.

Small Business Time Management: Where Does Your Time Go?

Do you ever feel like you lose hours at a time? This video offers you a simple small business time management strategy to help you stay focused on the most profitable tasks each day.

Small Business Support: How to Get Help Making Tough Decisions

What do you do when your brain becomes your own worst enemy? Leaders need a different kind of support in order to keep their thinking clear. This video covers the type of support you need and where to find it.

Small Business Mentoring: Why it Doesn’t Work

Everybody's heard the advice of "you should get a mentor". But how do get one? Where do you look? How should it work? Along the path, you find some decent mentors and some really bad ones. Let's have a more practical conversation about mentorship right now in this video.

Email Overload: How to Get Fewer Emails and Be More Productive

When you wake up, you check your email. Before you start work, you check your email. Before you go to bed, you check your email. Wait...are you "chief email checker", or do you actually run a business? This video addresses how to refocus on the things that matter most.

Stop Doing Everything: How to Avoid the Org Chart of Death

See how to avoid the org chart of death, and how you ended up being the center of everything in your business, even though you've hired help.

Client Acquisition: The Critical Path to Predictable Profits

Nothing encourages chief firefighter behavior like the fear of losing clients. Let’s talk about that leader to leader right now in this video.

Small Business Leadership: CEO Job Description

But it's your company, right? So why are you firefighting everyone else's job? Not sure what you should be doing as a leader of the company? Got it. Let's fix that right now.

Small Business Leadership: 3 Ugly Myths Hidden In Your Business

So you've created a profitable business. Why do things still seem so hard? Let's unpack 3 ugly myths that could be holding you back.

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