How to Sell to CEOs


This popular YouTube playlist is now an online course!

Who is it for? If your business is less than 1 year old and you are looking for a structured process as you sell to small business owners and executives, this short course is for you.

This course provides:
- ONE dedicated place you can check weekly for new clients
- ONE profitable service you can sell - tomorrow.
- PRICING model for any consulting service you develop
- SIMPLE framework to guide you through your next conversation with a CEO

Cost: $7

Create A Hybrid Program


Launch your expertise as a "hybrid" client experience in 45 days or less

Who is it for? Experienced B2B consultants and executive coaches who want to transform their 1:1 client work into a "hybrid" group program

This experience provides 3 critical systems:
-Develop an evergreen, hybrid group program you can deliver at any time
-Develop an evergreen, marketing method to attract clients at any time
-Execute a plan to (re)launch your hybrid program in the next 45 days

Cost: Application Only