[testimonial1 author=”Amin Aleem, Cornerstone Accounting”]”I really appreciate our Coveted Consulting session. In 30 minutes you unlocked my frustration and charted out steps for immediate success. I received achievable action steps and an unintimidating timeline for expansion and growth. Thanks.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”C. Nzingha Smith, Author at http://www.cnsmithbooks.com”]”Working with Alzay pushes you into your excellence. He leaves you no other choice, no outs and no shortcuts. In the end, you will be glad he did.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”Marjan Glavac, http://www.thebusyeducator.com”]”Alzay is the real deal. He listens to you, asks you questions and makes sure you don’t go off track. His product launch techniques are simple to learn, easy to implement and above all, they work!  I learned a lot, especially the importance of giving value to your clients, and that has made all the difference.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=” Ra’Shaunda Fuller CEO at Social Butterfli Media Group”]YOU ROCK! Thanks a million! I feel like singing “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…I can see all the obstacles in my way….” LOL[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”Tricia Browne, Creator Handmade Body Care”]“Thank you so much for tailoring the product launch ideas to my specific needs and niche. You gave me an easy to follow guideline to get me started, one that I could use immediately. No matter where you are in the process, Alzay can take your product launch to the next level.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”Robert Jakobsen http://www.drug-alcohol-addiction-recovery.com”]“Alzay was extremely helpful. We had about a 30-minute conversation regarding my possible launchfor one of my products. Alzay’s insight was incredible, having no knowledge of my business or product, he evaluated the situation and started offering suggestions on how I could position…then market my business and product more effectively. After our conversation, I walked away with a new insight and THREE solid things I could do immediately to generate more sales. Bottom-line, my take-away is that Alzay has a passion for what he does and puts all of his energy into helping people accomplish their vision and goals.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”Ford Myers Career Coach and Author http://careerpotential.com/”]“Alzay asks deep, probing questions which get to the heart of any business challenge. He is then able to quickly assess the situation and offer sound, strategic advice. Alzay really cares about his clients, and he is committed to their success. He is also generous with his time, talent, and resources!”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”Sheila Thomas – President, Scripture Designs”]“ I highly recommend Alzay as a business consultant/coach. During my consultation, he took the time to discover the essence of my product and he helped me understand what I needed to to make the re-launch of my product a success.”[/testimonial1]


[testimonial1 author=”Ingrid Geronimo, President & Founder, Dancing Dragonflies Wisdom, LLC”]”One conversation with Alzay will provide more clarity than you may have thought you would get in any call. That alone makes the decision to work with him in any way easier. Every entrepreneur needs assistance on their path and I can only say that Alzay is someone I’m willing to have assisting me on my path. Clear, concise, action steps that you can put to use right away to help you achieve your money goals.”[/testimonial1]