- Why Are We Doing This? -

Meet The Founder As He Explains The Story For This Event

- Won't You Join Us? -

Meet some of the amazing people who are already a part of this community.


- What Is This Event? -

The term "best in class" is defined as follows:

"The highest current performance level in an industry, used as a standard or benchmark to be equaled or exceeded."

And as you know, being best in class is more than a "claim" you make in your marketing materials.

It's a decision you make....a decision to use your unique skills /attributes and combine them with business processes/systems to change your industry for the better.

The Best In Class Event is a gathering of business owners who have made the same decision you have.

The event is an intensive 1-day mastermind and learning event specifically designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have set their sights on…


You have spent years defining (and refining) your leadership point of view. It's a combination of your wisdom, gifts, skills, experiences, passions, and personal story.

The Best In Class Event will provide you with a safe space and a platform to share your unique point of view with others and for them to share their point of view with you...together we can elevate the expertise of the entire room.


- What Makes This Event Special? -

This is not a typical event for entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this event is to:

Change the business landscape of Atlanta by providing business leaders with a platform to:

  • SHARE their best ideas, strategies and wisdom with each other. This event is not built around a celebrity speaker where you sit and listen for hours. At this event the best knowledge comes from the awesome event attendees.
  • CONNECT and build real relationships for exponential growth. You and I both know that "no man is an island" and excellence cannot be achieved as a solo pursuit. At this event we facilitate the greatest number of opportunities to authentically connect with like-mind business owners who can become your next level customers, partners, or supporters.

- Who Will Attend -

This event isn’t for everyone – in fact, our events are ONLY for a small handful of unique individuals.

Please apply ONLY if you meet the following qualifications:

1) You are a purpose driven entrepreneur. Yes your business is profitable, but it also exists for a reason. You believe what you do creates positive change in the world.

2) You can translate your experience into shareable wisdom. You have the ability to translate your "war stories" and hard fought experience into nuggets of wisdom others can apply.

3) You are open to learning from others. This event attracts best in class business owners from a variety of industries. One trait they share is the desire to share and learn from each other. Does this describe you too?

4) You believe the glass is half-full. You believe that challenges are really opportunities in disguise (if you think about them the right way).

5) You are a business leader looking to grow personally AND professionally. You know that if your business is going to continue growing the leadership (you) has to continue growing too. 

- The Experience -

- Why You Should Join Us -

Dear Business Leader,

You and I go to a lot of events – conferences, workshops, masterminds.

I know I'm "supposed" to go, but I don't always feel like I get full value from attending.

  • I'm not really good at networking. I love to meet and learn from people, but "schmoozing" and starting conversations with people I don't know well is intimidating and uncomfortable.
  • Not all keynote presenters are created equal. Some keynotes are entertaining but the content isn't very useful. Others keynotes are more useful, but too dry to hold my attention.
  • I don't like being constantly sold to. Some events are filled with so many sponsor booths and speaker pitches that I can't fully trust the interactions. I feel like everyone is trying to turn me into a customer in the next 30 seconds.

I’ve had this dream for a long time:

What if there was a mastermind event with a room full of people like you and I...

...Where everyone in the room was a successful entrepreneur who wanted to share their wisdom or a social entrepreneur who is already changing the world...

Imagine an event where we all had the same goal – to GIVE, to SERVE, and create MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS that would be mutually beneficial to one another?

What if the students were the teachers, and the teachers were the students?

What if it wasn't just about the 'content' but also about the 'connection'?


An event with no keynote speakers doing 1-hour presentations where 80% of the talk is fluff, you don't get to interact with the speaker and you might get 2-3 great actionable nuggets (or even worse, a giant sales pitch).

Instead, every single attendee gets the opportunity to spend 2 minutes on stage, sharing the most valuable nugget, idea, or best practice they have ever learned – literally competing to see who can ‘GIVE’ the most value.

What if the event was structured so that EVERY attendee can connect with each other?

One of my biggest frustrations with all of the events I attend is that the room is full of great people but I only have the opportunity to meet and connect with a handful of attendees.

So imagine an event with a format set up to ENSURE that EVERY ATTENDEE has an opportunity to CONNECT with EVERY OTHER attendee.

Picture this – an event where you provide a bio in advance, including your areas of expertise and passion that you’d like to share with other attendees AND obstacles and challenges for which you need other’s expertise to overcome…so that by the time you arrive at the event, you already know who you want to connect with, who you can help, and who can help you.

What if the content of the event was customized based on the passions, expertise, and needs of the attendees?

An event with a series of small group mastermind talks and breakouts, where the themes are based on the individual and shared passions of the attendees, creating meaningful and deep connections.

If this resonates with you, please apply below.

With excitement,
Alzay Calhoun


- The Curriculum -

Here's an example of just some of the tools and exercises we'll be facilitating at the Best In Class event.


Two Minute TED Talks

The first theme of Best In Class Event is all about sharing ideas, nuggets, and best practices - where the students are the teachers, and the teachers are the students.

One example is our Two Minute TED Talks exercise. Each attendee will have the opportunity to deliver a 2 minute nugget of wisdom that will deliver HUGE value to the community. Prizes will be awarded to the best talks as voted by the attendees.

By doing so, you can (A) deliver value, (B) introduce yourself authentically and (C) create a platform for connecting.


Custom Case Studies

The second theme of the Best In Class event is all about CONNECTION.

We're going to facilitate the highest number of peer-to-peer interactions with a series of tools that will allow you to connect with every single other attendee.

One example is our Custom Case Studies - a series of small group mastermind sessions where the themes and topics are based on the individual needs and expertise of the attendees based on pre-event conversations.

- The Venue -


The Best In Class Event will be hosted at:
Smyrna Community Center
200 Village Green Cir, Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 431-2842

- Admissions -

The nuggets and ideas you'll gain, on top of the incredible relationships you'll make with other local purpose driven entrepreneurs will elevate your business to different levels. If you are serious about building your business and your network, the Best In Class Event is a great opportunity for you to connect with brilliant and giving entrepreneurs making the world a better place.

The tuition for the Best In Class Event is $497

PLEASE NOTE - Tickets are by invitation only.

(Limited tickets available)

Our team will be reviewing all applications to ensure you're a right-fit for our community, and that we're a right-fit for you.

The 2 biggest benefits of attending the Best In Class event are (1) the amount of actionable wisdom shared to grow your business and (2) the quality of the community we're building. If you meet the qualifications listed above them we encourage you to invest in yourself by enrolling today.


- Questions or Comments? -

Contact our team at: alzay@covetedconsultant.com