Productize and Scale with a Supportive Community of B2B Consultants

Dear B2B Consultant,

I am excited at the chance to serve you because we make it nearly impossible for you to fail.

Join our membership and today could be the last day you worry about how to package, price, and promote consulting services. You can officially eliminate hourly pricing from your business and charge for the true value of your expertise.

In fact, I guarantee your results


In fact, I am SO confident in your results I back up this claim with a two-part guarantee:

  • In 7 days, you will have a new Client Avatar - a new profile sales messaging that resonates with your very best potential client
  • In 30 days, you will have a Potential Client Pipeline - a list of interested prospects excited to engage with you about your new service

You get both things in 30 days - or your money back.

You are supported every step of the way with the following options:

  • Access to our onboarding specialist, Taylor Bell - to get you up to speed quickly
  • Access to me, Alzay Calhoun, via direct message - to answer strategic questions and provide feedback
  • Weekly group coaching calls to share wins and support - working with like-minded colleagues makes the journey more enjoyable

Every single member gets

Every single member gets the following experience...

Milestone One: Onboarding Process

  • Introduction to Resources: Gain access to the course material and community portal where you can interact with AI-powered virtual teams, receive feedback, and share resources.
  • Personal Guidance and Preparation: Meet Taylor Bell, our onboarding specialist, who will assist with any queries as you familiarize yourself with the course and community materials. Schedule your weekly group coaching calls, watch the introductory workshop, and download the productizing checklist.

Milestone Two: Visioning Process

  • Creating a Vision and Addressing Challenges: Meet your virtual team, initiate the launch process, and chart a path from your current business state to your desired future. Recognize and admit the challenges you face and how a productized service can provide systematic control over your operations.
  • Choosing a Productizing Model: Select from three models—Done for You (1:1 work or agency services), Done with You (group coaching or cohort-based services), or Do It Yourself (self-serve digital products). Define necessary business changes as you shift to a productized service.

Milestone Three: Creating the Client Avatar

  • Profile Development: Describe your expertise to the AI-powered virtual team who will then create a detailed profile of your ideal client, encompassing essential messaging elements for your sales materials.
  • Strategic Decisions: Choose a quick win to offer your client within the first seven days and define a success metric for the end of 30 days. These choices are crucial for designing your service outline.

Milestone Four: Service Outline

  • Designing Your Service: Use the insights from your Client Avatar to collaborate with the Virtual Team and create a service outline that includes onboarding, delivery, recap, and special ingredients.
  • Operational Preparedness: Receive a detailed report that helps you set the scope, time, and price of your service. Complete an operations checklist to ensure you and your team are ready to execute the service.

Milestone Five: Validation Scoring Sheet

  • Mini-Launch and Profitable Client Pipeline: Perform a mini-launch to gather public feedback on your new service. Learn how to nurture your new pipeline into sales.
  • Service Evaluation and Refinement: Score your service based on the quantity and quality of responses. Based on the scoring, decide the best route to refine your service for increased profitability during subsequent launches.

Milestone Six: Recap and Celebration

  • Review and Celebrate Achievements: Reflect on the journey—most members achieve significant milestones quickly. A new vision has been realized, a new service launched, and new clientele developed.
  • Continuous Improvement: Utilize the insights gained through the process to refine your service continually, enhancing profitability and celebrating the achievements.

All you have to do is follow the Productizing Checklist available to you in the members area. Everything is laid out for you step-by-step.

Excited to begin,

Alzay Calhoun