Alzay Calhoun
Founder, Coveted Consultant

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Dear Consultant,

My name is Alzay Calhoun and this website exists to help you scale your consulting company by productizing. Productizing is a strategy that allows expert, serviced-based companies to grow predictably without getting caught up in the flash-in-the-pan, shiny-object strategy of the day.

When I say “scale”, this is what I mean:

  • Develop premium consulting services with predictable profit margins that are easy for clients to understand and buy.
  • Streamline your operations and remove yourself from the day-to-day grind of your business.
  • Rapidly build your authority in the marketplace and drastically improve the experience you deliver to each and every client you serve.


The strategies included on this website are NOT for everyone.

You should press the back button now if:

a) You are in between careers and only want one or two clients
b) You prefer to charge by the hour or work a shift at the client site
c) You're under financial pressure and needs clients fast
d) You're looking for tips, tricks, and secrets to “growth hack” your consulting business
e) You enjoy doing 100% custom (bespoke) work for your clients

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with any of the above situations. I do not wish to blame, shame, or judge in any way. Still, there is a specific business model I am going to encourage you to build and there are certain pre-requisites for success. If your situation is reflected in the 5 bullets listed above, you should press the “back” button on your browser now.

The strategies on this site are BEST for the following types of consultants

You should keep reading if:

a) You have existing expertise and offer it to clients in the form of services.
b) You sell directly to businesses or business people
c) You sell expensive, complex services that require explanation
d) You want faster lead generation, less scope creep, fewer custom proposals, and more profit per engagement
e) You are looking for a stable business model that allows you more time, money, and energy freedom

The conventional approach to business consulting is flawed.
I tried and I BURNED OUT.

Yes indeed, I know burnout. I met him personally. I started offering marketing consulting services in 2008. Here is my short story.

I sold every service I knew how to deliver. I sold web design, video marketing, launch services, email campaigns, landing page creation, content writing, conversion services, and more. I was so overwhelmed I would often get confused on which scope of work belonged to a given client.

I used every client-attraction method at my disposal. I used cold email, cold calling, proposals, free consults, networking, referrals, content marketing, paid ads, etc. All of those things worked “a little bit”, but the constant experimentation left me exhausted.
In the end, I didn't have any energy left. Nothing. The grind left me overwhelmed, exhausted, confused, and depressed. My business began to shrink and my family began to complain. I was failing both at the same time. Something about this had to change...

Productizing changed my business. It allowed me “scale”.

Productizing simplified everything. I was clear on what to sell. My clients were clear on what to buy. My support team was clear on what to execute. It was a better deal for all involved. Growth became possible again.

But what does “scale” mean?

Everyone wants to “scale”, but most are doing it wrong. Most people are chasing mystical, “hockey-stick explosion” growth. This is exciting to read about in an entrepreneurship magazine, but it’s an unpractical pursuit for the everyday consulting business.

To be a bit more grounded, let’s stop and define “scale”. Miriam-Webster defines scale as "capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand". So what we really mean is...

“Scale” equals “control”.

If you can expand something easily you have control over it. If you can upgrade something on demand you have control over it. So really, “scale” means you have control over how fast your business upgrades or expands.

This begins to explain why the conventional wisdom on how to scale hasn’t worked for you. At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen/heard a number of strategies of how to scale a consulting business. You’ve been told to:

a) Hire employees.
b) Run paid advertisements.
c) Create more content
d) Write a book
e) Launch a program or digital course
f) Expand your service offerings
g) Build a software platform
h) Integrate automation tools
i) Implement marketing funnels,
j) etc

All of these ideas sound great when they're pitched to you. But, what happens in the real world? It never works the way it was described in the video, course, or training. Each idea balloons into a mess of unexpected requirements, issues, and costs. You never scale. You never get control.

Most consultants assume that doing more = getting more.

This is a common assumption. On one level it makes a lot of sense

If I do more marketing, I’ll get more clients. Right?
If I offer more services, I’ll get more sales. Right?
If I hire more people, I’ll get more speed. Right?


You know this because it’s happening to you right now. You’ve already tried 100 different things. Have you scaled faster or slower? Do you feel like you have more or less control?

The ugly truth is: doing more costs more. It cost more of your time, energy, and money as you understand, execute, and manage an increasing number of moving parts.

The only way to get the control (and scale) you want is by thinking about your business another way.

It’s safer (and smarter) to do less.

What is a safer, smarter way to scale? Do fewer things. Why?

It’s easier to control. There is less to manage.
It’s easier to create predictability. There are fewer surprises.
It’s easier to establish a standard of excellence. You can get better each time.

The consultants who enjoy this website most are those who are comfortable committing to a small number of premium activities.

I want you to develop premium consulting services with predictable profit margins that are easy for clients to understand and buy.

I want you to streamline your operations and remove yourself from the day-to-day grind of your business.

I want you to rapidly build your authority in the marketplace and drastically improve the experience you deliver to each and every client you serve.

Welcome to the Coveted Consultant website! It’s best to start with this free training that describes the entire approach.

Alzay Calhoun
Founder, Coveted Consultant