An example from inside the coaching call. A conversation with Robert Greene

Transcript Below:

Alzay Calhoun: Just to check in, the client you closed was closed over the phone or in person?

Robert Greene: Over the phone.

Alzay Calhoun: God, getting better. Getting better. Y'all are gonna be all right. Y'all gonna be all right. Y'all gonna be all right. Okay. Okay. So, for unabashed clarity, you were able to get almost tears over the phone because you pointed to the appropriate problem, right? So that whole mental construct of having to go into someone's office and put on a dog and pony show to get them to like you, right, and then submit a proposal only to have to wait six weeks until they finally ... That whole thing, that whole thing, you skipped the whole deal? You skipped it all.

Robert Greene: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: Over the phone.

Robert Greene: Over the phone. Again Alzay, we got paid so quick. I'm serious. I hit the submit button. Now, normally we would have sent the quote with the agreement, they would have to find and payment button but I sent it and then I turned to do something else and then my phone and stuff just started going off with all this, you've been paid. And I'm like, "What?" And Jennifer's eyes did like that, too. That's never been so quick so yeah, all over the phone. So yeah, we're happy about that.

Alzay Calhoun: When you level up, that's the difference. That's the by-product of leveling up, right?

Robert Greene: Okay.

Alzay Calhoun: So, it's all in the methodology but the end of it is we're playing the game differently so they respond differently. That's the big idea. Okay, so back to the hard next steps. It's 3:50, I realize what time it is. Okay.