A conversation with Nicole Girouard about her experience in the program.

Transcript Below:

Alzay Calhoun: Let's begin with introductions, so please tell us your name and your company's name.

Nicole Girouard: My name is Nicole Girouard and the company's name is GNIC Consulting Services.

Alzay Calhoun: You have completed the program, Nicole, and please tell me what you have enjoyed most about the program.

Nicole Girouard: I think it was laid out really clearly, and as somebody that likes to get to the end of something as quickly as possible, if nothing else, but to check it off my list, I really appreciated that you dripped everything out. You forced us to do the homework in order to get to the next stage. I think a lot of entrepreneurs are like that. We're either going to fall off or we're going to be like, okay, let me just get through everything and I'm going to look at everything, and I'll do the work later, and we never do the work later, which is part of it.

Nicole Girouard: For me, my initial thought was, oh, this is so frustrating. I can't see what's next, and then I'm like, this guy's smart. Damn it. So, yeah. I really appreciated that aspect, honestly. I really like how you laid everything out. As you know, due to some stuff that if we have a chance, I'd like to kind of pick your brain about, I got side tracked big time halfway through. I still intend to complete everything and watch the rest of it. Make no mistake, that's going to happen. I thought it was really good. It was really good.

Nicole Girouard: There was some content as well that I, myself, give advice on in my firm, but you had such a unique spin on it. I was like, make a note, that's good.

Alzay Calhoun: Good.

Nicole Girouard: So, I thought that was really helpful.

Alzay Calhoun: Good. Good. Okay. Now, let's do the opposite. What did you enjoy least about the program?

Nicole Girouard: This is all on me. It's the fact that I had to be diligent about setting aside the time and getting my stuff done, honestly. I think that's a frustration no matter what you're doing, unless you prioritize, and it's just not going to happen.

Nicole Girouard: I want to give you some constructive feedback. I mean, okay. If I'm going to pick on something, like the platform that you used, the environment, I've seen fancier, but it's like I tell my clients. It's not the quality of the presentation. It's the quality of the content, and the quality of your content was bang on.

Alzay Calhoun: Thank you.

Nicole Girouard: If anything, the platform could've been fancier, and prettier, and probably more expensive, but why if it's working, right? Yeah, that's it.

Alzay Calhoun: This thing about priorities, I'm going to put a pin in that, and we're going to come back to it before we're done.

Nicole Girouard: Sure.

Alzay Calhoun: Now, as you reflect on your time, what's the number one thing you take away? Personally, you as a business person kind of what you're left with blank? What do you take away?

Nicole Girouard: Accountability is like number one. Honestly, the weekly videos that we had with other people, like my peers that we're either in the same position, or just slightly behind, or slightly ahead. It was wonderful to look and see like what Darius and what some of the other people in the program we're doing. It was sort of that motivation. I was so happy for them, and at the same time, I was like, aw, I want to come in with a win too, but just to watch even their progress was inspiring. So, I really like the fact that there was a group of us going through together.

Nicole Girouard: I think there's definite value in one-on-one because then you can kind of dig deep.

Alzay Calhoun: Yeah.

Nicole Girouard: But, the group setting was just- It was really good. It was well thought out. I really liked it.

Alzay Calhoun: Good. Good. I'm glad. I'm glad to hear that. The group versus individual dynamic is an interesting one. Long story short, you spend enough time by yourself.

Nicole Girouard: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: So, to be around some other people, plural, is often a healthy change-

Nicole Girouard: It's true.

Alzay Calhoun: For folks.

Nicole Girouard: Even virtually-

Alzay Calhoun: Good. I'm glad- I'm glad you got- I'm sorry, go ahead.

Nicole Girouard: Even virtually. You know in theory that other people struggle with certain things, but let's face it, in this type of business when you are typically by yourself and if you don't have a team, you're like, oh, I'm the only one that's going through this, but no you're not. It might be a different version of what someone else is going through, but frustrated is frustrated. Stressed is stressed. Tired is tired. Blocked is blocked. I don't want to say it's nice to know other people go through it too, but it's nice to know that there's other people and it's normal, right? Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: Sometimes I make the analogy of the scientist in the laboratory. They're alone in the laboratory coming up with the next solution for blank, and you think you've done it. Like, ah-ha. I found it. And then, you talk to one other person. You go, oh, it might not be so good, but just other interaction brings brand new life, right? That dynamic of being the scientist in the laboratory trying to discover the magic thing, there's value in it. There's value in being in that-

Nicole Girouard: In the opposite. The opposite too. I think a lot of sit here and go, like it's okay, and then you show someone else, and they go, oh my god-

Alzay Calhoun: Right. Right.

Nicole Girouard: This is so amazing, and you're like, really?

Alzay Calhoun: Right.

Nicole Girouard: Okay, I guess. Giddy up.

Alzay Calhoun: Right.

Nicole Girouard: So, there's that too.

Alzay Calhoun: Right. Right. That's true. That's true. It does play both ways. It does play both ways.

Alzay Calhoun: For you, for you where you are now, what's the number one thing that you know you have to do?

Nicole Girouard: The same thing I've been trying to do for the last four years, which is ... I'm trying not to curse because I'm so frustrated. Pick that avatar and that one offering. I feel like I think I know what it is only because it's working currently, but I still feel like I haven't wrapped. I haven't- Okay. I got your package today, and I'm opening it up, and I'm looking at my husband. I'm like, you see this is what it looks like to have your stuff together. I'm like, look at this. This is amazing. I'm like, we need to get our stuff together, and it's wonderful. Thank you.

Alzay Calhoun: You're welcome.

Nicole Girouard: But, it's just that. Even in interactions and meetings and referrals, it's that dreaded, so what do you do? I own a consulting firm. Okay. So, like what's the ... and I'm like ... I don't have that confidence, you know what I mean? I feel like I've been stuck there for years.

Nicole Girouard: Even though I'm doing well, even though people are being referred to me, even though I'm helping people, I'm dropping the ball on opportunity left, right, and center, and I know I am because I haven't- I don't know if it's because I haven't decided or I haven't picked, and as you saw, the place that I faltered and the minute the module opened up and it was like, pick your avatar, do your offering, and I'm like, I had this internal panic. Do you know what I mean? I got stuck.

Nicole Girouard: Yes, I had family here. Yes, I had client stuff, but I can admit that I used that mainly as a distraction because I didn't know how to deal. Truth be told.

Alzay Calhoun: Strong statement. Strong statement. I was going to ask. Well, one way or another, we're going to have that conversation-

Nicole Girouard: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: Because I was going to ask. Part of the value proposition of this program is to focus, right? It helps you focus, and so you're admitting. You're admitting, I still haven't focused the way I know I'm supposed to.

Nicole Girouard: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: And so, for someone watching this, right, they're like, well now wait a minute now, if the program is supposed to do it, and Nicole didn't do it, what's wrong-

Nicole Girouard: I got scared.

Alzay Calhoun: With the program?

Nicole Girouard: No. No. It was me. I got scared and I chickened out.

Alzay Calhoun: You chickened out.

Nicole Girouard: Yep.

Alzay Calhoun: Those are the honest words, aren't they?

Nicole Girouard: I'm tired of making excuses. Look it. Let's be real. I got to get over this.

Alzay Calhoun: So, then let's go- Okay. So, then let's go to the next question. We're at a good place. So, now what would you tell someone else who's considering the program? Right. They're on the outside looking in and-

Nicole Girouard: Do it.

Alzay Calhoun: They're thinking, they're considering. Do it. Okay.

Nicole Girouard: No hesitation.

Alzay Calhoun: Go ahead.

Nicole Girouard: Do you know why is because I have so much faith in the fact that the other is going to get it, they're going to do it, they're going to fly, they're going to succeed. I'll be back here being their cheerleader. I will support them. I will help them get through it, and the whole time I'll be like, aw, I wish I could do that.

Nicole Girouard: Honestly, I can think of and truly I will send you their info and connect you, but there's probably at least two or three people that could make serious use of your program. For me, from the outside looking in and Lord knows maybe they feel the same way, they from the outside seem to have, like I know what they do, I know if I meet somebody that they're the person I would-

Alzay Calhoun: Right.

Nicole Girouard: I know. They just haven't fully gotten it all together, but they know their thing, right?

Alzay Calhoun: Right.

Nicole Girouard: So, there's two or three people I'm like, this would be great. Can I be one too? You know?

Alzay Calhoun: I bet, and this will happen offline here, but I bet we have a conversation that changes how you feel about it at the moment.

Nicole Girouard: I hope so.

Alzay Calhoun: Better is to come. Better is to come.

Nicole Girouard: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: I really appreciate your honesty that life gave me an excuse not to confront the big question and I took it. I took the excuse.

Nicole Girouard: Oh, big time. Both hands. Oh, yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: And now I'm kicking myself, right? Now, I'm kicking myself because I didn't do what I know I should- Right?

Nicole Girouard: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: It's a real thing.

Nicole Girouard: Yes.

Alzay Calhoun: It's a real thing, so being honest about that can hopefully free somebody else, right? That's a big thing. That's a big thing. What else, Nicole? Is there anything else I should've asked in this conversation?

Nicole Girouard: I don't think so. I mean, I think just seeing things from both side. The content that you put publicly, and then having worked with you like this. I think keep doing it. Here. I'm going to go into cheerleader mode. You should be everywhere with everyone doing everything. This is fantastic. I am. I kicking myself for not having had the guts to just blow through it. Do you know what I mean? Make some tough decisions.

Nicole Girouard: For some reason, like I said, it's been years where I'm like, what's my thing? I know that- I've gotten better in the fact that if someone comes to me, and they're like, okay, well I want you to help me design my website. Whereas before, I would be like, oh, there's a paycheck. I'll figure it out and work my way through, but now I'm like ...

Alzay Calhoun: So, there are some boundaries.

Nicole Girouard: Still sitting on the side of I know what I want, but I haven't figured- I know the minute- Yeah. There are. I know the minute I figure out what the thing that this course was telling me to do is what I do, I'll get there, but for some reason I just- I chickened out big time. Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: I appreciate that honesty. We're going to have the other conversation now. We're going to wave bye to this. You're a smart lady, Nicole and that's obvious. You're a smart lady. You are self-aware. There's just one more step you got to take, right? Just one more big step you got to take.

Nicole Girouard: Yeah.

Alzay Calhoun: What's next is after that big step, right? So, take it, right? All right. We're saying bye this. Bye bye. All right. Okay. All right. Thank you, Nicole. Seriously hon ...