About Alzay

Hi, my name is Alzay Calhoun and I appreciate you wanting to learn Alzay-circle-transparentmore about me and the work we do here.

It is all based around a single idea:

Permanently elevate the training standard for how to build a consulting practice. We transform intelligent, technically oriented, stalled leaders of consulting firms into insightful, inspired, business architects. We help you translate your expertise into an experience your clients can consume.

I see it everyday...The world is filled with very, very smart people who are running very, very frustrated businesses. They struggle to consistently attract the best prospects. They are at a loss for how to convert those prospects to paying clients. Most importantly, they are too bogged down with daily work to give attention to the long-term strategic challenges of their business.

Running a company was supposed to put more freedom and flexibility in your life. How did it get so hard? What are you supposed to do about it?

I'm excited to attack this work head on and my work is based around some fundamental beliefs. Here are just a few:

I believe the training available to you is sub-par and misleading. There is an all-important strategic shift you need to make from technical expert to business leader. The vast technical knowledge you fall back on is NOT sufficient in creating a sustainable business. We are dedicated to helping you make the shift and create the business you desire.

I believe having a purpose for your business is mandatory. For experienced business people, terms like mission, vision, and strategic plan are usually met with an eye-roll and heavy sigh. They are often disregarded because they feel fanciful...like a big waste of time. Our commitment is to work alongside you to help create strategies that will give real and practical direction for your company, not just soft ideas that sound good on paper.

I believe that great businesses are architected. You don't become best in class by guessing or wishing your way to the top. It requires a clear, confident (and agile) plan that defines what goes where and when. Your job is to hold the master plan and NOT get lost trying to hold everything together. We want to partner with those business leaders who aspire to create the best best consulting business their industry has ever seen.

If you believe what I believe then we are going to have a GREAT time working together. You can contact me at the form located here.