$7 Strategy Guides

This $7 guide is an action plan for B2B consultants to turn LinkedIn connections into long-term clients without hard-pitching or sleazy selling. Click here to purchase

This $7 guide is a step-by-step checklist for B2B consultants who want to use their LinkedIn profile to attract more clients.  Click here to purchase

This $7 guide provides two exercises to help B2B consultants produce (and price) their first productized service...in just one afternoon.  Click here to purchase

This $7 guide is a practical, goal-setting process specifically for B2B consultants to help set achievable personal and professional goals over the next 12 months.  Click here to purchase

Advanced Courses & Client Experiences

The 7-Day LinkedIn Accelerator is a self-paced course + AI virtual assistant to create immediate momentum (conversations, leads, and sales) from Linkedin - starting today. Click here to purchase


The 5-Day Productizing Sprint is a live workshop to help you break from the billable hour. Charge value-based pricing, sell a structured service, and reposition yourself as your client's trusted advisor.
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This mastermind is specifically from B2B consultants who understand the value of curriculum AND community in an effort to achieve their goals. Each member gets access to a personal planning process, quarterly reviews, and weekly accountability.