Be Ambitious: What Will Your Company Become

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Just as children grow up to be adults…small companies grow up to be big companies. Without a clear picture of what your business is growing up to be, you could end up anywhere on the spectrum of “esteemed over-achiever” to “underachieving slacker”. And who really wants to be the “underachieving slacker” of their niche?

Most importantly, as your business grows it needs a “rally cry”. It needs a “mantra”. It needs a “purpose”. This is not some cute little catch phrase or a overly-academic mission statement. This is a simple idea that everyone (customer, employee, or partner) can get behind. It is what inspires people to do great work and focus the energy of every person affected by your company.

In this module you will discover:
– How to clearly state the impact you (and your business) intend to make in the marketplace
– The fill-in-the-blanks outline that creates the unifying statement for all stakeholders
– Which metrics are worth watching if you are going to be a Coveted Company
– How to craft a simple statement that holds ALL employees accountable (no matter what they do in your company)

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