The goal is for every client (whether solo or head count up to 20 employees) create the following 4 vital business development assets:

1. Strong Market Position

Your marketplace is filled with myths, misconceptions, and other forms of outdated conventional wisdom that leave your BEST client stuck. The only reason she stopped to read your content is to get un-stuck.

She doesn't want to be entertained. She doesn't want to be convinced. She doesn't want to be sold to. She wants to get un-stuck.

Your job is to cut through the clutter, shine new light on the problem, and offer help to fix it.

You've got to take a leadership position. Separate the NOISE from the TRUTH and establish your BELIEFS as a company.

2. "Pillar" Content Marketing Pieces

You know writing pillar content is important to building authority, thought leadership, and attracting new clientele. It's been on your to-do list for months with little movement. You tried doing it yourself, but you don't have the time. You tried giving a junior level employee the assignment, but it turned out to be a disaster. What are you supposed to do?

The only way you are going to write quality, high-level of content is with a proven process.

Where should your content creation process begin?

We begin with a very simple mindmapping technique that doesn't involve software or any complex models for brainstorming. If you can draw circles and lines on a piece of paper you are well on your way to creating compelling, client attracting content.

3. Content Promotion/Amplification Strategy

Great content requires (and deserves) a systematic, scalable way of reaching its target audience. Publishing in multiple formats is the smartest way to make sure your content is everywhere your client expects to find it.

Here is a sample publishing plan:

  • Explain your mindmap via screen capture software to begin video marketing.
  • Extract the audio from the video to fill your audio podcast.
  • Transcribe the video and use it as a written article.
  • Summarize the main ideas and build a visual infographic.

How's that for leverage?

4. Marketing Funnel Management and Measurement

A common misconception is each piece of content should be responsible for new revenue (or new clients). That' not fair and frankly it's a bit over zealous.

However, it is appropriate to hold each piece of content accountable for moving the prospect to the appropriate next step. There are simple conversion metrics you can use to understand the success of each piece of content and the role it plays in your marketing funnel.

Here is a typical outline:

  • Clicks – how many people saw the content?
  • Downloads – how many people downloaded our offer?
  • Consultation – how many people requested a consultation after downloading our offer?
  • Closed sale – how many new clients have we secured from our consultations?

Can you see how it all fits together? Your commitment to pillar content creates a scalable system to attract inbound clients to your unique products and services.

A Pragmatic Warning...

I don’t usually recommend that clients work on all 4 of these at once.

Some clients want to start with #2 and take a break before moving forward, for example, and that could be fine for their situation. Some clients only need help with one or two of the items above.

In general, I recommend moving from #1 through to #4 in that order so you don’t lose momentum or suffer too much lost opportunity due to holes in your sales funnel.

Available Services

To help you create these four assets for your business, I offer several services that accommodate a range of needs from “DIY-er needing some expert guidance” to “Just do it all for us please”:

Content Marketing Partnership

We work together to answer the Big 4 questions and develop your strategic plan. From there my team takes over to publish and promote your content. You receive data each month on the success of your campaigns.  This is a 6 month partnership.

Cost = $25,000

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Content Marketing Plan

We work together to answer the Big 4 questions and develop your strategic plan (same as above). From there you and your team take over to publish and promote your content. We provide support/accountability through a group mentoring program.

Cost = $2,500 for strategic planning process + $400/month for ongoing support/accountability

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Custom Workshops

Could your organization or team benefit from a better content marketing approach? Meet this need with a custom strategic workshop. Sessions range from 45-minute presentations to day-long sessions.

All sessions (irrespective of length) are low tech: pens and paper are the primary tools used for practicing the lessons covered. The focus is on foundational principles for marketing effectively with content marketing at the core. Because of this, no specialized tool knowledge or laptops are required.

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