Get More Speaking Engagements, Better Clients, and More Referrals By Writing a REAL Book

“I offer full day $400 – $2,000 live workshops and at my last one a few people came up to me and thanked me for the program and said they first heard of me through buying my book on”

Richard Wilson, President & CEO , Hedge Fund Group

You Should Really Let Us Write YOUR Book For You

Most consultants and advisors have it wrong! They bust their butts everyday pounding the pavement, passing out business cards, and cold-calling trying to get new clients into their business. They talk and talk and talk, trying to “tell” everyone about how smart they are and how they are “better” than their competition.


They realize the immense value of having their own book and so they sit down one day in front of a computer and start typing on a blank screen. Fifteen minutes later they are completely frustrated at their writer’s block…and the project gets abandoned.

In my opinion both approaches are completely insane!

When you are a published author you don’t have to tell anyone anything. What you “know” is obvious…you wrote a book!
And instead of trying to get a book out of your head (typing one word at a time) let us help you so you can get back to running your business.

We Have a Proven Process for Creating a Beautiful, Client-Attracting, Book Without Your Blood, Sweat or Tears

  • If you have business changing (or life changing) expertise that people need to know, we should talk.
  • If you are looking for a secret weapon to accelerate your lead generation, we should talk.
  • If you are looking to enter into the esteemed world of “published authors”, we should talk.

I run a small agency, and only take on a few cherry-picked clients at a time..

I’m constantly on the lookout for clients with great skillset and I can help them accelerate their growth. My experience over the years has given me the ability to know how to package and sell expertise in a way that attracts a flood of clients. This is a passion of mine, I study it, and it excites me to work with greatness when I see it.

When you fill out the form below we will set a time to talk about how a book can grow your business.

We’ll discuss your goals, concerns, and I’ll tell you about how our service works. If it’s not a fit, I’ll give you some ideas to improve your offer and I might refer you to one of my friends in the biz who can help you


Who Is A GREAT Fit?

  • Experts offering a high-value service. (Doctors, lawyers, CPAs, dentists, chiropractors, real estate agents, consultants, and business coachess,etc work really well.)
  • Business Owners who want a hands free experience and wont try to micro-manage me or my team.
  • Market Leaders excited to differentiante themselves from their boring, stodgy, un-interested competition.

Who Is NOT A Fit?

  • People with inspirational claims but no experience, training, or certifications to back them up.
  • People who think having a book is a ploy to trick people into thinking they offer great products or services.
  • People who want to write their personal book (not one focused on the leading generation.)


What We Do For You…

  • Work with you to create the raw material
  • Organize the raw material into a manuscript
  • Format the manuscript into a book
  • Design book cover
  • Submit to Amazon’s Marketplace

“I consider my books as part of an overall convergence strategy: books get speaking engagements and speaking gets clients. Any one of these avenues makes for a fine business model, but the intentional blending multiplies each. ”

John Jantsch, President, Duct Tape Marketing

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