For coaches, consultants, experts and other “smart” people who want to work with super-cool clients and get paid what they are worth at the same time.

Note from Alzay:
I’m looking forward to putting my reputation on the line to help you attract fantastic clients into your Coveted Consultant practice. I’ve done my very best to create a product you can actually use to build your business. As you apply this strategy, I expect you will find more clients easier than you ever have before. You are here for a reason. Let’s get to work!


Please review the details below and then click the button at the bottom of the page to confirm your order:

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  • YES! I understand this program contains SEVEN modules that I can review (and re-review) at my OWN pace.  I know that if I do nothing, nothing happens. I’m committed to working the modules.
  • YES! I understand that Alzay (or a member of his team) will follow-up with me to make sure I have taken action. I’m looking forward to updating them on my progress.
  • YES! I understand this program requires me to advertise. I agree that the fastest way to grow my practice is to advertise to a niche group and create massive value for them. I’m going to follow the training, advertise where appropriate, and test until I find my optimal method for client attraction.

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[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#0000″]Module Breakdown:[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

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  • Module 1: Deciding What YOU Want (You will decide on your “Freedom Number” and the number of clients needed to reach that number)
  • Module 2: Being the Most Valuable You Can Be and Charging Accordingly  (What is your customers BIG problem? What is your BIG answer? Once you have discovered this, your value is now 10x. )
  • Module 3: Who is Your BEST Customer?  Where are they? (Everyone is not your customer. This module will help you pinpoint exactly who you should be speaking to.)
  • Module 4: Create Your Free Consult Strategy (What do you say? How do you say it? How do you make sure people enjoy the conversation? What makes them want to be come a client? That is all in here.)
  • Module 5: Create the Campaign (What exactly should your ads say? Where do you put them? What exact web pages should you set up? Answers are here.)
  • Module 6: Run the Ad Campaign (Here you develop the ads and run them. Here come the consultation sign-ups!)
  • Module 7: Wrap-Up (Here is an analysis of the campaign so far and what can be done to improve it.



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[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#0000″]Total Value:[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

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  • 7 Week Training – $997.00
  • Think about how much you charge your best fit client…if you close just ONE…isn’t it more than the cost of this program? (If so, this offer is a no-brainer.)[/green_plus_2_list]

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#0000″]Total Value: $997[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

Where is your next client coming from? If you don’t know (or not sure), you need to click the button below:

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[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#0000″]*Multi-Pay 2 @ $164 (30 days apart)*[/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

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I also look forward to helping you make sure your customers quickly and efficiently get the results they want – so they will refer you for years to come.

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