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Prepare to discuss Coveted Consultant's step-by-step path, mentorship and mastermind to transform your 1:1 client work into a scalable group experience.

We are about to discuss "The Annual Freedom Formula"

The Annual Freedom Formula is a monthly coaching service

This service makes it nearly impossible to fail at removing 1:1 client work from your consulting business. Follow our lead and today could be the last day you encounter buying into a tech solution, hiring a designer, launching your curriculum, and to not sell it.  

You are supported every step of the way

  • You are assigned a guide, that's me - Alzay Calhoun
  • A step-by-step path to design your new consulting/coaching service, simplified down to a workbook + action items
  • Review/feedback systems, our weekly calls to guide you along the way
  • Vault of frequently asked questions (FAQs), every error/mistake you can think of is covered

Every single client gets

  • 90 Day Launch Plan - create your service and immediately receive a step-by-step plan to sell it
  • A structured service that removes your heavy lifting from client delivery - YOUR service, done YOUR way
  • Communication templates - what to say, when to say it, how to execute all laid out for you

We begin with a 30-day sprint, all you have to do is…

  • Attend our organized weekly calls - We have to prepare for each call. We provide instructions on how to do so
  • Follow our step-by-step templates - You need to know what to do at each step. The program has you covered
  • Use our simple software - If you need software to track your execution, we have you covered

How will the conversation go?

  • The conversation will last between 30-45 minutes
  • I will call you at the scheduled time. Please be in a quiet space and ready to speak
  • This service is a monthly coaching membership that begins with an intensive kickoff
  • To have the best conversation you should prepare your questions in advance
  • At the end of our conversation, we will decide together if this service works for you

What questions or thoughts should you prepare?


  • What is your specific goal, dream, or aspiration? (It would be awesome to X)
  • What is your specific fear, worry, concern? (it would be horrible to experience Y)
  • What specific moment do you wish to avoid? (I do NOT want to repeat Z)

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