How to Generate Inbound Leads
for ANY Digital Marketing Service


Alzay Calhoun, Founder Coveted Consultant

Who are you? You sell marketing services.

You sell marketing services, most likely digital marketing services.

You may focus on any number of services including
(seo, content, video, writing, web design, ppc, email, etc)

Your company may go by a number of names including:
(firm, agency, studio, freelancer, consultant, developer)

What is your problem? Unpredictability.


Client Acquisition is Unpredictable.

  • Referrals are great when they come, IF they come. Waiting for them feels like watching grass grow.
  • Content creation requires a LOT of work and the results are SLOW...IF results come at all.
  • Cold calling and cold email makes you feel like a spammer. It's also a guessing game IF that person actually has a need.

Client Service is Unpredictable.

  • Different clients want different things at different times for different amounts of money. It's a confusing reality.
  • Every project is different. It takes multiple rounds of proposals to understand You never really know what you are being paid for until after multiple rounds of proposal revisions.
  • Scope creep ruins everything. You agree to a scope of work..the client makes ONE ask...and the whole project changes. Frustrating.

What is your solution? See Below.

There has to be a better way to attract the clients you want, work on the projects you want, and build a more predictable agency...without the scramble.

There is.

You KNOW there are companies with BUDGETS that NEED marketing help. (Especially digital marketing...it gets more and more complex every day).

You NEED a predictable way of getting in front of these companies...and attract them to you.

That is what we focus on here. We want to help you consistently generate the exact opportunities you need for you agency to grow.

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