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  • I would like to help you create, customize, and execute a plan...for your six (or seven) figure consulting practice.
  • I want to offer you step-by-step support to maintain your momentum...even on your less productive days.
  • I want to offer fill-in-blank strategies you can use so that you don’t have to "discover" can just "do".

When I started consulting over 13 years ago, no one offered me a roadmap.

When I started...
I had college degree in business.
I had a master's degree in business.
I had a Fortune 500 client under my belt already.

I was smart, experienced, accomplished and I really want to make an impact in business.

STILL I was smart enough to know I needed help growing my consulting practice.

I bought a lot of "help".

I bought expert advice, coaching programs, mastermind groups...
I bought software platforms, social media technologies, and ran ads all over the internet...
I literally spent tens of thousands of dollars...

It's a shame because the more money I spent, the more confused I got.

My head was spinning from the conflicting advice, confusing technology, and clever sales pitches

No one EVER sat me down and said, "Alzay, here is the GOAL your should be shooting for. Do THESE things in THIS order for the highest possible chance of success."

I never got a "roadmap".

Selling Consulting requires a different type of roadmap

Consulting is about translating your hard won skill, knowledge, and expertise into precise wisdom your clients can use immediately.

The challenge is skill, knowledge, and expertise are all invisible...and when you try to explain to your ideas to clients, they get confused.


How DO you elegantly explain your expertise in order to attract new clientele?
How DO you translate invisible expertise into a tangible product someone can buy?
How DO you develop a scalable business around your expertise so you aren't trapped in 1 on 1 work?

This is normally where the expert of the day offers a *magic* solution to solve all your problems.

Just write a book, create a course, start a podcast, do a launch, etc

Have you heard any of these before? Have you tried them? Expensive, huh? Frustrating, huh?

Truth: none of above are roadmaps. They are sexy tactics of the day trying to make "scale" look "easy".

More truth: All of those CAN work - but none of them WILL work...without clear expectations and a solid roadmap.

If you have real expertise, "Consulting" is one of the simplest and safest business models (ever)

We are in the era of information overload.

Your prospects and clients are completely overwhelmed with options, choices, and charismatic opinions.

Amongst all of the information they STILL have problems...and want them solved.

Your job is to help them cut through the clutter and offer the fastest possible path to the outcome they desire.

This is simple. Your built-in combo of skills, knowledge, and expertise represents the fastest path to your client's desired outcome. They have a problem, you have a solution. The value proposition is easy to understand.

This is safe. Your client is already pulled in 1,000 directions. The problem you solve is another, complex thing they have to worry about. They can try to figure it out themselves or they can press the easy button and work with you. Your consulting business is safe because there are always clients who would rather pay an expert than deal with the complexity.

Warning: Do NOT approach this like your job.
Approach this like your business.

It is true, a consulting business presents unique advantages for those of us with expertise.

But too many of us approach our consulting business like we approach a "job".

At a job, being technically proficient is all you need to get promoted, but as a business owner you need to practice "CEO Thinking". For example:

Did you know it's your job to work LESS? As an expert-for-hire there is constant pressure on your time. When you work a job, you can't say no. That is considered rude.

But when you run your own consulting practice "no" is sometimes the most appropriate and professional response.

In fact, being "busy" is one of the LEAST profitable things you can do. As a business owner, your job is to identify the most scalable and leveraged project.  Stay focused on your highest and best use every day.

No one ever told me that...

Did you know your practice grows in predictable stages? When you work a job your career path is defined by your boss. You can't "grow" unless your boss gives you an "opportunity". These opportunities are often sporadic and random.

But when you run your own consulting practice, you decide when and how your business grows.

In fact, your path to scale is a direct function of the existing skills you already posses. A simple skills assessment will tell you exactly which growth path you should use to scale. You don't need to guess and you don't need to ask permission.

No one ever told me that either...

No one told me.

Like I said,

I was sold a lot of stuff.
I worked hard to make it work.

(As you know, there is a lot of crap out there.)

I really wish someone would have sat me down 13 years ago and talked straight about what was needed to grow my consulting practice.

I am offering you what no one offered me.
An actual roadmap

I know there are some really important questions that matter to you:

How do I elegantly explain my expertise in order to attract new clientele?
How do I translate my invisible expertise into a tangible product someone can buy?
How do I develop a scalable business around my expertise so I'm not trapped in 1 on 1 work?
How do I hire qualified people to do such complex work?

But also you are thinking...

Alzay, can you answer these questions in step-by-step format so I always know exactly what to do next?
Alzay, can you make yourself available to answer my specific questions?
Alzay, can you create a community so I can be surrounded by other professionals for support and accountability?
Alzay, can you create a library to answer the questions I don't know to ask?

Let's Work on Your Consulting Business Together
A Step-By-Step Roadmap and Monthly Membership

What is inside the monthly membership?

- A customizable roadmap for your consulting practice (a customizable plan for 6 or 7 figures)
- Access to me (Ask a direct question and get a direct answer via Weekly Q&A Calls)
- Accountability (community support as you execute)
- Ongoing skill development (activities & case studies to keep you thinking like a CEO)

Here is how it works:

- Pay your first month’s membership at the button below
- Get immediate access to the assessment and related growth plan
- Receive specific instructions for how to ask questions and get direct feedback from me

Here is a bit more of what is inside the membership

- Precise instructions for how to select (or validate) a profitable niche
- A simple model for monthly financial projections
- Client Attraction: A simple, complete process of how to attract your next set of profitable clients
- Closing the Sale: A specific, step-by-step sales approach so you never say too much...or too little
- Client Service: A model for productizing your service so clients know exactly what they are buying
- Client Retention: A elegant model for how to turn one-time projects into ongoing retainer engagements
- ...and a LOT more

Who Is This For?
Who Is This NOT For?

It's a match if you...

  • accept responsibility to work hard and diligently because you know success is not guaranteed or easily achieved
  • are emotionally ready to participate in the exchange of ideas - giving and receiving feedback that may challenge your original thinking
  • have a  functioning consulting practice that is already generating some amount of revenue even if it's small
  • have at least a small online presence (e.g. website, email, LinkedIn, social channel) or professional network that knows who you are and what you do

It's NOT a match if you...

  • expect success to come easily, quickly, as a result of others "doing it all for you"
  • are NOT yet ready to share your ideas, questions, challenges, and needs with others for their constructive feedback
  • are in the very early days of learning what it takes to be a consultant with NO experience offering services to clients
  • do NOT have at least a small online presence or professional network that knows who you are and what you do

What Previous Clients Say

Marketing Agency

Adam Fairhead

Now we are able to say, "28 days, 10 steps, 80 tasks, X price...would you like one?"

Education Consultant

Tre Gammage

“You don’t know what you don’t know. I stopped running three different businesses and focused on one.”

Healthcare Consultant

John Butler

“Scope creep is dramatic in a consultant’s practice unless you have some kind of control over it,”

Software Consultant

Petras Surna

"You will not get here naturally."

Marketing Specialist

Lynn McGinnis

"Listen to what the buyer wants, and what his or her problems are.  Don’t work to sell - work to solve."

School Consultant

Stan Baker

“Practice. It's really about practicing everything. Practice the LinkedIn habits. Practice the phone calls. Practice the tracking. It's just practice.”

Content Consultant

Nicole Girouard

"This isn't about me, this is about who I'm trying to help."

Technology Consultant

Dr. Keith Newton

"Value pricing is my new standard."

$3000 297/month

Become a Founder Member
The Experience is Customized to YOU

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As you've read above, this membership is based around a proven model for how to grow a successful consulting practice. I'm personally proud of the curriculum inside. It's taken a long time to get here.


I know edits, tweaks, and changes are required for this membership to get you the best results possible.

As a fast-moving, action-taking FOUNDING MEMBER your voice gets heard first and loudest.

Need additional group coaching calls? I will add them.
Need specific training on a specific topic? I will create it.
Need expertise not currently offered in the community? I will go find it.
Need something else? Express yourself. I'll do my best to make it so.

This membership is designed to support your growth as business owner. I want this membership to be the reason your business grows to the next level.

If you're in, I'm in. Become a Founding Member today.

$3000 297/month