Coveted Consultant Program Summary

This is a group coaching program designed specifically for the leaders of growing serviced-based consulting companies.

The clients in our program are generating leads, selling productized services, and extending retainer relationships. The curriculum introduces you to the most important strategic questions and guides you to implement these new strategies in an accelerated 8-week timeframe.

Our work is in 4 main phases. Here are examples of the questions we ask (and answer) in each phase.

Phase I – Set a Scalable Foundation: Get Out of Your Own Way

  • Does it feel like you are the center of every task in the business?
  • Do you have an org chart? Do you use it? Does it matter?
  • If you don't show up to work, does your team know what to do?
  • Does your business GIVE or TAKE your freedom?

Phase II – Choose an Expensive Problem to Solve: Focus Your Expertise

  • What does your agency do best? What is the strongest skill inside your agency?
  • Who is the person (client avatar) that values this skill most?
  • Does this person have real pain? Do they make the final decision?
  • Can you get access to your preferred client at ANY time?

Phase III – Systemize Your Service: Deliver Excellence Every Time

  • Who controls the speed of the project? You or the client?
  • Is your client excited about starting work? Do you get all the info you need?
  • When the project is done, is the client ecstatic?
  • Do you control the time, price, and scope of EVERY project?

Phase IV – Fill Your Pipeline: Get a Decision without the Delay

  • What happens if you don't get any referrals this month?
  • How do you quickly settle sales objections to get the deal done?
  • How do you avoid the lengthy, inefficient proposal process?
  • Do you ATTRACT new business or do you CHASE new business?


In the end, you will have a lead generation system, a premium productized service to sell, and focus to turn every arrangement into a retainer offer. In short, you will have re-positioned yourself as the leader of a scalable agency that consistently attracts and serves amazing clients.

Will this method solve the challenge you are currently facing? Here is what others have to say:

Warning: This is NOT a “learning” program. This is a “doing” program.

If the program sounds interesting to you I'm glad. We are excited about our curriculum and the results clients are getting from it. However, I must put some very direct warnings in front of you.

This is not a learning program, this is a doing program. This is not a passive training course where you pick and choose what you want to learn. This is an intense, high-touch, and high-participation experience. You are expected to take action and we take action with you. We are doing this work together.

You are following a purposeful roadmap. This program is a step-by-step roadmap to a scalable consulting business. Every step is meaningful, valuable, and reviewed to provide maximum value. Each action you take is “strategically linked” so you can't skip any steps.

You get detailed feedback, according to your effort. Our goal is to give each client individualized, detailed feedback on his/her work inside the program. There are opportunities for feedback/refinement publicly and privately with each client. However, the quality of this feedback is in direct response to the quality of the client’s effort. If you do your part, we will do ours.

Conversations are a must. You will be expected to converse with the coaches, fellow consultants, and (potential) clients of your business. The learnings and lessons from these conversations are a critical part of the program’s value. Be prepared to learn and engage in multiple ways.

Again, this is an intense high-touch, high-participation experience. We're doing this work together.

If you would like to learn more about the program. Go here:

We are no longer accepting applications for the group coaching program.

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