Agency Program

From the desk of:
Alzay Calhoun
Founder, Coveted Consultant

Automate Your Agency
This is not a “learning” program. This is a “doing” program.

Warning: this program is NOT for everyone. This is a 90 day experience to help you (re)build the predictable and scalable digital marketing agency of your dreams. You receive the systems to identify your most profitable skills, locate the right clients, and deliver services in the most efficient way. Your responsibility is to follow the process, do the work, and get your results. You will get feedback at every step.

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Here is how it works:



Module 0: Design a Better Agency – What Role Should You Play?

  • Learn the difference between selling digital marketing services and leading a digital marketing agency
  • Identify the top 3 areas that prevent most digital marketing agencies from scaling
  • Create your new job description as the digital agency owner

Module 1: Core Business Model – Do the Right Math

  • Discover how many clients you need in order to reach your revenue goals
  • Decide which price point makes the most sense for the kind of agency you want to run
  • Quickly separate the services you should be selling from the services you shouldn’t


Module 2: Sell One Premium Service – Easy to Explain and Deliver

  • Learn why most fancy business proposals and clever sales presentations are ignored by prospective clients
  • Design your own unique service that makes prospective clients say “yes” quickly
  • Increase your fees and develop longer term relationships by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor to the client

Module 3: “Quick Wins” Outreach Strategy – Secure New Meetings Fast

  • Quickly locate great clients who are pre-disposed to doing business with you
  • Reach out and secure new meetings with potential clients without having to “beg”, “plead”, or “chase” people
  • Deploy a “splintering” strategy that immediately turns one meeting into multiple new opportunities

Module 4: Closing Sales – Get a Decision Without the Delay

  • Instantly assess the situation to determine if the client wants to “do business” or “kick your tires”
  • Quickly discern what is most important to the client and be honest if you can help them or not
  • Ask for the sale without being pushy, salesy, rude, or offensive


Module 5: Automate Your Inbound – Create One Excellent Presentation

  • Create a message about your company that resonates deeply with your prospects
  • Structure your presentation so that you eliminate all distractions and only say what is necessary
  • Record the presentation so that the same, high-quality message is delivered each and every time

Module 6: Automate Your Inbound – Setting Up the Technology

  • Use strategic advertising to build your business systematically
  • Deploy a complete follow-up system to get the maximum number of eyes on your offerings
  • Automate appointment process so prospective clients can choose the most convenient time without emailing back and forth

Module 7: Automate Your Inbound – Promote Your Presentation Via Paid Advertising

  • Develop a simple Facebook campaign and avoid the unnecessary (expensive) default options and settings
  • Create a winning Facebook advertisement without having to become a copywriting wizard
  • Check your work and measure your success in order to maximize profitability


Support Systems
You are never alone

Private 1:1 Feedback via Email

In most “learning” programs you get tons information, but it’s easy to get lost in all of the data. This program gives you only what is absolutely necessary to take your next step. However, in order to get 1:1 feedback you must turn in the exercises at the end of each module. You will always get direct feedback on what you submit. This is our way of making sure you momentum without getting lost, confused, or overwhelmed. We want you to keep taking action and we want you clear on the actions you take.

Once you receive your feedback the next module is made available to you.

Weekly Coaching Calls via Livestream

Sometimes you need to “talk it out” (even after you get feedback). Sometimes it’s fun to hear the wins (and challenges) being experienced by others. The livestreams are our way of keeping you connected to the other people in the program while giving you a platform to learn from their experiences.

Many times, what you learn from others is just as value as what you learn in the program itself.


If you’ve made it this far down the page. You are certainly interested. Isn’t it worth having a conversation to see if the program fits you? Click the link above to get started.